TO help you gain a competitive edge. 

“Kudos to M3 Defense Consulting for doing such a great job.....Thanks for all your help. I look forward to working with you in the future..”​ - Lynn Cargill

​You have no limits, let us optimize the possibilities for you.

  Whether you have a new patent that you think businesses may be interested in; or your company wants to grow and you know that selling to the U.S. federal government can be a lucrative opportunity for your small company; or maybe you already sell to the government but you have your eye on a really big contract and you need that edge...

We have the experience and the connections to get you there.

"Smart, hard working and totally dedicated." - Heidi Shyu

​"A pinnacle of performance... saved more than $36M on the JLTV Low Rate Initial Test Plan" - JLTV Program Manager 

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The owner: Misty Martin

A combat veteran with 20+ years of active service, Masters in Defense Management, a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a Top Secret Clearance and an Acquisition Corps certified professional in Program Management with the government.  

An accomplished leader of the acquisition of multi-million dollar, multi-service military systems with an outstanding record of delivering capabilities on time and under budget.